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Pen-and-Paper-Rollenspiele ohne Pen and Paper im Online-Raum. Ein interaktives Forschungsspiel.

Toni Helesic , July 19th, 2021

Willkommen zum interaktiven Forschungsspiel über Online-Pen-and-Paper-Rollenspiele! Diese werden durch die Corona-Pandemie immer beliebter. Rollenspieler*innen verlegen die Spiele wegen der Kontaktbes…

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The Server Souvenir: Taking Home Remnants of Virtual Worlds

Evan Conaway , December 10th, 2019

“It’s amazing to think those little circuits that we can carry around were an entire world to us.” –Diana*, interviewee “We might say that this capacity of objects…


White Fans, Liberal Ideologies, and the Erasure of Black Stories in Gaming

Akil Fletcher , May 30th, 2019

Last month, the highly anticipated video game Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) was released to an excited yet wary fighting game community. Game studio NetherRealm’s newest incarnation received praise…


A Ludicrous Relationship? A Conversation between Anthropology and Game Studies

sruelos , July 17th, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is a co-authored piece written by Spencer Ruelos and Amanda Cullen, both PhD students in the Informatics department at UC Irvine. Introduction Most work at…


quake champions resources

zephyrin_xirdal , May 29th, 2018

Just a collection of helpful resources for Quake Champions, created by members of the community:    The ↑Guide for Optimizing Fun in Quake Champions is a nicely done…

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Kill the Animals, Save the Animals: Watch a Gamer Subculture Define Its Values at Games Done Quick

Graham Clark , January 7th, 2018

A crowd of fans and friends circle around Asa Tims, at upper left. Tims speedruns and commentates on others’ runs under the name Spike Vegeta. While he was…

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crouchsliding tutorial with slash

zephyrin_xirdal , September 12th, 2017

  A crouchsliding tutorial with keypresses visible, slow motion, freeze frames, and explanation in voiceover. The tutorial aims at conveying an understanding of the basic principles, and sugges…

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forbidden places

zephyrin_xirdal , September 12th, 2017

  From Megahealth to Heavy Armor in a second or so, and more exploits of the strange qualities of the pots combined with Ranger’s Dire Orb. Going out…

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circlejumps with anarki

zephyrin_xirdal , July 29th, 2017

  Bridge to Rail is just one of the jumps in Quake Champions Anarki can do with a circlejump only. As there were quite some remarks towards that…

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bridge to rail backward and forward

zephyrin_xirdal , July 6th, 2017

  The Bridge to Rail jump done backward and forward with all champions, without using their respective special abilities. Plus a tutorial on how to do it –…

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tri-bolt and nailclimbing

zephyrin_xirdal , June 21st, 2017

  The newly introduced Tri-Bolt and the Nailgun offer climbing techniques in Quake Champions – apart from Rocketjumping. So, in principle all kinds of trickjumping and DeFRaGgery pleasant…

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beware the frying pan

zephyrin_xirdal , April 3rd, 2017

  The most ferocious weapon in “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!” This is actual online gameplay (nothing staged, never met the other player before), enhanced with music and sou…

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at hell’s gate

zephyrin_xirdal , March 27th, 2017

  Ten minutes of classic “Quake Live” Free for All deathmatch madness on the map “Hell’s Gate” (formerly Q3TOURNEY3). Featuring a nice comeback with some quite fun…

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How is Pokemon Go Changing Our Relationship with People and Places?

Nick Mizer , July 22nd, 2016

By Nick Mizer and Jared Miracle Pokemon Go, the blockbuster new augmented reality game developed by Niantic, hit the US on July 6. By July 13, estimates of…

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A Geek Anthropologist’s First Time: A MMORPG Experience

raynaelizabeth , September 18th, 2015

Elder Scrolls Screenshot Photo by Author By Rayna Elizabeth Elder Scrolls takes place in the world of Tamriel. Published by Bethesda (who also develops Fallout and Dishonored), the…

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Teaching Anthropology of/through Games, Part 2

Krista Harper , September 17th, 2015

By Krista Harper with Sam Anderson In my last blog post, I described my recent course on “Anthropology of/through Games.” Students in the class played, analyzed, and designed…

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Teaching Anthropology of/through Games, Part 1

Krista Harper , September 15th, 2015

In part one of this two-part series, Krista Harper (UMass Amherst) provides insight into her successful Fall 2014 course, “Anthropology of/through Games.” There is so much here that is…

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Pixels and Politics: Representation in Video Games

Emma Louise Backe , May 15th, 2015

By Christine Tomlinson To read Tom Boellstorff’s introduction to this book reviews series, head over to The Book Review as Conversation. T. L. Taylor. 2006. Play Between Worlds: Exploring Online…

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grand theft time

zephyrin_xirdal , April 15th, 2015

Unfortunately I got a daytime job. That’s unfortunate—in a way, granted—’cause ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (GTA5) for PC finally hit the storeshelves yesterday. Just retu…

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The Addiction Algorithm: An interview with Natasha Dow Schüll

Rachelle Annechino , February 9th, 2015

EM: Can you tell me a little bit about your book? NDS: I was in the first cohort of the Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar postdoctoral program….

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minecraft photo realism

zephyrin_xirdal , November 30th, 2014

Look at what you can make out of ‘Minecraft.’ Just look at it.     Neither the idea nor the mods necessary are by me—I just went some…

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reverse sportscar heist

zephyrin_xirdal , November 12th, 2014

Meanwhile everybody playing ‘↵Watch Dogs‘ (Ubisoft Montreal 2014) seems to know about the dealer’s showroom in ↑The Loop where you can easily steal a ↑Scafati GT, the…

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brandnew ancient games

zephyrin_xirdal , October 27th, 2014

Obviously I am not at all informed, let alone up to date—granted. But then again this wasn’t really to be expected. Not that I’d have any time for…

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