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Whedon, Fandom, and Cancel Culture

Alissa Whitmore , May 19th, 2021

By Alissa Whitmore “A guy who goes around saying ‘I’m a feminist’ usually has an agenda that is not feminist. A guy who behaves like one, who actually…

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“Capitalism is So Much Easier!” Learning Savings through Playing a Board Game

Nick Mizer , January 26th, 2018

By Farah Qureshi and the IMTFI/Loy Loy Team at UC Irvine Loy Loy: The Savings Game in Washington D.C.!  Julia had been waiting until the last round to…

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It’s not hip to be square

Kerim , August 8th, 2017

I see shows like Star Trek as emblematic of a transitional period in American masculinity — at least on TV. The 50’s would have been pure Kirk, with…

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“Everyone’s Fun is Different:” A Conversation with Gabriel De Los Angeles

Nick Mizer , December 14th, 2016

Nick here: I had the honor of meeting Gabriel at the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association meeting earlier this year, where he presented on the phenomenon…

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It’s In the Cards: Narratives and Storytelling in Magic: The Gathering

Nick Mizer , November 28th, 2016

  By Steven Dashiell Gaming isn’t the focus of my research, but I’ve participated in it since I was 13 years old, the first day I bought a…

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Notes From the Field: Dwelling in the Worlds that Carry Us

Nick Mizer , September 30th, 2016

After some field work in northern Canada, Marie-Pierre wrote two articles about how her field work experiences connected with imagined worlds. You should go read them, because they’re…

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How is Pokemon Go Changing Our Relationship with People and Places?

Nick Mizer , July 22nd, 2016

By Nick Mizer and Jared Miracle Pokemon Go, the blockbuster new augmented reality game developed by Niantic, hit the US on July 6. By July 13, estimates of…

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Get Excited and Buy Things

Nick Mizer , June 24th, 2016

By Nicholas Mizer Around the time I first met Marie-Pierre and joined up with TGA I was trying to develop an understanding of what someone is likely to…

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A Geek’s Guide to the 2016 PCA/ACA Conference

Emma Louise Backe , March 21st, 2016

By Emma Louise Backe This week, Nick Mizer and I will be headed out to Seattle, Washington to attend the annual PCA/ACA Conference. Popular culture itself is a…

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And Still the World Pursued–The Management of Waste in Max Mad: Fury Road

Emma Louise Backe , December 11th, 2015

By Emma Louise Backe Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves.” -The First History Man What are the roots that…

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The Shrine of the Cobbler – Spot Check 27

Nick Mizer , June 10th, 2015

In which I talk about Gary Con, 330 Center Street, and explain a folktale to Rhialto the Marvelous. Ethan Gilsdorf’s piece on Center Street: http://boingboing.net/2014/07/18/a-visit-to-the-base…

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Why I Love the Popular Culture Association

Nick Mizer , June 9th, 2015

When I first started my research on role-playing games about seven(!) years ago, it felt a bit lonely. My professors and colleagues were supportive but didn’t really know…

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TGA’s 200th Post!

Marie-Pierre Renaud , May 30th, 2015

By Marie-Pierre Renaud Just like Stargate SG-1, we’ve finally reached the 200th mark! Of course, we don’t have as much budget as MGM did when there were producing SG-1,…

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