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Writing Life  No. 20: An Interview with Emma Kowal by Carina Truyts

Carina Truyts , July 21st, 2022

Figure 1: Emma Kowal writing her thesis in 2006 with 7-month old Maya in Darwin, Australia. Image: supplied. One evening in December 2021, in a small South African…


Speaking for the Dead: Narratives of Genomics and Colonization

Anthropology365 , November 30th, 2020

This is a paper that I wrote for a Ph.D. course: Nature and Capitalism. I’ve been sitting on it and I don’t think I am going to do…

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Ep. #34 Knowledge Making: Emma Kowal talks Indigenous health care, difference & genomics

Julia Brown , March 31st, 2019

“A lot of what individual white anti-racists, as I called them, but also the broader policy frameworks are struggling with is the question of how do we enact…

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A World Famous African-American Scientist Puts the Presidential Election in Perspective: “I Am Not Surprised At All”

Christopher Lynn , December 4th, 2016

On Wednesday, the day after our 2017 presidential election, I dreaded having to put on my host face to go out to dinner with Dr. Joseph Graves, our…

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