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In Memory of Manuel Noriega, Looking Back after 27 Years

Maximilian C. Forte , May 30th, 2017

With the passing of Manuel Noriega, I looked back 27 years to something I wrote for Excalibur, the York University newspaper. I was surprised to see how much…


The Shape of Things to Come in Libya (Part 2 of 2)

Maximilian Forte , February 22nd, 2016

A New World Recolonization Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State, March 20, 2011, to Jeffrey D. Feltman: “Can we get a statement from the Libyan opposition…w [with]…


Encircling Empire: Report #25 — Remembering Panama

Maximilian Forte , January 3rd, 2015

This and previous issues have been archived on a dedicated site—please see: ENCIRCLING EMPIRE. For frequent updates, please “like” our Facebook page and/or follow on Twitter. “Operation Just…


The Disintegration of Iraq Has Begun–William O. Beeman–New America Media

William Beeman , June 13th, 2014

http://newamericamedia.org/2014/06/the-disintegration-of-iraq-has-begun.php The Disintegration of Iraq Has Begun New America Media, News Analysis, Wi…

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A Tale of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing–Review of Manufactured Crisis by Gareth Porter (Beeman)

William Beeman , March 24th, 2014

http://womenagainstmilitarymadness.org/newsletter/2014/030414/tale.htmlA Tale of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing: Iran’s Nukes Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nu…

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