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Environment, Labour and Capitalism at Sea (Book Review)

guestanthropologist , February 1st, 2022

by Connie Scott “Fish simply appear in supermarkets” (p.209), writes Penny McCall Howard. Most consumers have little or no awareness of where their fish comes from, or of…

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Richard H. Robbins: The Economy After Covid-19

focaal_admin , July 13th, 2020

Richard H. Robbins, SUNY Plattsburgh One feature of both the economic recession of 2007/2008 and the present Covid-19-induced economic collapse is increased central bank bouts of quantitative easi…


Our ‘Fashion Fast’: Week 3

guestanthropologist , March 28th, 2019

by Alfred Lewis **Read about the first and second week of our ‘fashion fast’ here and here. If you can, please donate to our efforts to raise money for the labour rights…

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Our ‘Fashion Fast’: Week 2

guestanthropologist , March 27th, 2019

by Amelia Yates **Read about the first week of our ‘fashion fast’ here. If you can, please donate to our efforts to raise money for the labour rights charity Labour Behind the…

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The Story of our Fashion Fast!

cultureandcapitalismblog , March 12th, 2019

by Rebecca Prentice, Hannah Amey, Maeve Devers, Rifka Fehr, Olive Howland Milne, Alfred Lewis, Phoebe Marsh, Joana Pereira and Amelia Yates As eight first-year anthropology students and one lecturer a…

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‘More Anthropologists on Wall Street Please’ Revisited

guestanthropologist , February 28th, 2019

by Silvia Irina Berástegui In October of 2011, The Economist published an article called “More Anthropologists on Wall Street Please” in which the author, one ‘M.S.’, responded to a…

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Work injury compensation still missing in Bangladesh’s labour standards

rebeccaprentice , November 26th, 2018

by Rebecca Prentice **Republished from The Conversation.** In the five years since the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory building in Bangladesh – in which more than 1,134…

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Creating a World Without Poverty?

guestanthropologist , January 8th, 2018

By Hannah Feldman Sat on the floor of a small shared room on the outskirts of Metro Manila, Mae* and her sisters are hurriedly crafting necklaces, while their…

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Agency, Upkeep, and Neglect in North Carolina Farm Labor Camps

guestanthropologist , October 30th, 2017

by Bennett Heine In a recent article in Human Organization, co-authors Thomas Arcury, Sarah Quandt, and I draw from interviews with migrant farmworkers to conclude that agency matters….

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Review: The Anthropology of Corporate Social Responsibility

guestanthropologist , October 2nd, 2017

By Deniz Seebacher **Originally published on Anthropology Matters, 17(2)** Corporations, an omnipresent form of organisation in today’s society, are increasingly called to participate in tackling envi…

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From the Field: American Textile Mill

guestanthropologist , January 8th, 2017

by Caitrin Lynch **Originally published on The Standard-Times and on SouthCoastToday.com.** In response to calls for increased empathy after the divisive national election, many Americans will be maki…

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The Power of a Story: I, Daniel Blake

cultureandcapitalismblog , November 24th, 2016

by Tim Perkin Feature Photo: Wikimedia.org I am no avid film fan. I can barely sit through an entire episode of Breaking Bad or Homeland let alone a…

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