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Abram Lutes: Anatomy of an Autogolpe: On the consolidation of Nayib Bukele’s power in El Salvador

focaal_admin , May 26th, 2021

For the first time since El Salvador’s mid-20th century military dictatorship, a single political party dominates both the legislative and executive branches of the government, and by all…


Can the African Subaltern Speak?: Kontinuität kolonialer Macht- und Herrschaftsstrukturen

Die Redaktion , May 11th, 2020

von Robel Afeworki Abay Sorge um Afrika: alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen? Die rasche Ausbreitung der COVID-19-Pandemie, die der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) zufolge als eine der größten globalen G…


Kate Crehan: Gramsci/Trump: Reflections from a fascist jail cell

Focaal Web Editor , January 18th, 2017

Antonio Gramsci, condemned by Benito Mussolini to twenty years in prison, wrote his celebrated prison notebooks while sitting in a succession of fascist jails. He reflects on some…


33. Iñigo Errejón: Podemos as an emergent cultural practice

John Postill , March 27th, 2016

Photo credit: ca.wikipedia.org This is the thirty-third post in the freedom technologists series I have pasted below some highlights (in Spanish) of an excellent interview with Podemos’ &#8216…