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Rejection journal.

john hutnyk , July 20th, 2022

Found in my notebooks from 2019: a proposal. Journal for Rejected Papers of Persistence and Perseverance    Aims and scope.    This journal, set up to the standards…


Assange and how truth does not set you free

john hutnyk , December 10th, 2021

******************** On thursday 9th Dec 2021 the first 15 minutes of my lecture on Media outlined the reasons why the extradition of Julian Assange should be opposed and…


Soapbox: on slips and trips.

john hutnyk , December 6th, 2021

In the business of selling cultures for quids, and other random translations Once upon a long ago, there was a time when I was more rebelliously young, and…


Class – and critique – in Bad Marxism, poking fun.

john hutnyk , March 18th, 2021

I was looking something up and stumbled upon a quote of me that I did not recognise – that class ‘does not make much sense’. I am pretty…


The Corporate Menagerie – Thesis Eleven

john hutnyk , August 12th, 2020

An article on the malaise that afflicts the UK university system, applicable to the US and Australia too possibly, not wholly tongue-in-cheek and riffing on true stories. Everyone…


Honky Tonk University

john hutnyk , April 21st, 2020

As I was chatting to Tony who wanted an update, here it for economies sake for the family and friends too: we are in week 12 of homeschooling….


exoticism, revolutionary tourism, solidarity

john hutnyk , March 29th, 2020

What does solidarity look like? There have not been enough in the way of critiques of revolutionary tourism, of the exoticist trap of romanticising rebel movements abroad while…

→Trinketization: answers to all questions about trinkets, and Capital.


john hutnyk , January 23rd, 2020

The times are those of distraction. Intensive scrutiny of slights and perceived hurts, while the libidinously ironic engage in rampant expressive display of mildly unacceptable comic-cum-outrageous tr…

→Trinketization: answers to all questions about trinkets, and Capital.

Research on posters

john hutnyk , December 16th, 2019

Can someone in the UK souvenir one of these fab posters for me please (for ‘research’ purposes). I find them amazing. Yes, I know, it was the flip-floppery…

→Trinketization: answers to all questions about trinkets, and Capital.

Care – a Christmas Carol

john hutnyk , December 13th, 2019

The inadequacy of charitable care as an international cure is evidenced despite the widespread propagation of philanthropic intervention. Bill Gates dedicates millions towards eradication of less glam…

→Trinketization: answers to all questions about trinkets, and Capital.

The counter-revolution in Venezuela, by Saleh Mamon

john hutnyk , February 8th, 2019

https://salehmamon.com/2019/02/04/the-counter-revolution-in-venezuela/ The counter-revolution in Venezuela Hugo Chavez (1954-2013) The United States is putting in place its long planned intervention f…



john hutnyk , July 6th, 2018

The requirement imposed upon untenured ‘early career’ scholars to target only alleged “quality” publications is academic narrowcasting. Zines fall between the cracks of experim…


An export industry in ‘defence’ is a croc of shit – Turnbull comes the raw prawn.

john hutnyk , January 29th, 2018

Just in, the BBC misses the opportunity to call bullshit on Australia, which they can’t do of course because they also export ‘defence’ weaponry. Both as daft as…



john hutnyk , November 24th, 2017

Gah. Still. No. Change. >Subject: Call for solidarity for the academics for peace on trial Dear colleagues, Our colleagues in Turkey are facing incredible repression under a populist…


Do you remember when Australia did this for CHOGM? So its not just a ‘commonwealth’ thing.

john hutnyk , November 12th, 2017

Urban beauty. I dunno if I am more disgusted by this event with Ivanka or the WP’ article’s failure to do proper comparative memory work – since I…


trashed film paragraph on Reagan-Arnie-Trump

john hutnyk , May 20th, 2016

I dunno where else to dump this, which will now not be used in a review I was writing on regional film traditions: Yet here is a topic…



john hutnyk , May 16th, 2016

Referring to industrial pollution as the anthropocene lets the polluters off the hook. It has gone on some time now, so as the word isn’t going away its…


Begging Wars: Nottingham Police’s dodgy Prince tribute 

john hutnyk , May 15th, 2016

Begging Wars. This ghastly bin-hoarding in Nottingham – truly ideological but with colour palette decisions that are more spurious than the ten levels of prejudice this Police ad…


Tasks for acceleration 2. 

john hutnyk , May 12th, 2016

Success and failure of the left. Accelerated change via anti colonial and revolutionary movements in the peripheries but the metropolitan left was never strong enough to shake complicity…


Tasks for accelerationists?

john hutnyk , May 12th, 2016

The long wait for the transformation of the world: begun with the anti colonial push back against colonialism, itself subjected to cooption and complicity under the new post…



john hutnyk , May 5th, 2016

The pseudo-dominant hype that comes alongside ontological thinking: a kind of extension of postmodernism’s apolitical arabesques, which then moved into the digital. This most likely reflects a l…



john hutnyk , May 5th, 2016

The analysis of trinkets, objects, souvenirs or commodities remains wholly bourgeois if things are not seen as first up, against the grain, the embodiment of social labour power…


passive aggression 101

john hutnyk , May 5th, 2016

Am continually amazed at the truly fucked up and arrogant entitlement of the middle class Brit – especially those of that middle class which still claims some distant…


Dumping or Trumping

john hutnyk , May 4th, 2016

Bright side of the current reaction. The decline of the European powers was bolstered by the land grab that was the USA – basically the oppression of indigenous…