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Guest Post: Citation is a Gift: “Punking” Accounting in #hautalk

Footnotes Editor , July 7th, 2018

[Footnotes is excited to present a guest post by Jules Weiss. Weiss is an MA student in the Applied Anthropology program at Oregon State University. They are a…


Guest Post: To Talk Like Them

Jessica Chandras , June 25th, 2018

[Footnotes is pleased to welcome the following guest post by Tian An Wong, a professor of Mathematics with an affinity for social theory. This post was originally published…


Guest Post: Is your department’s website #anthrosowhite?

Footnotes Editor , June 20th, 2018

[Footnotes is proud to present the work of Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Hannah Gould. Goodwin-Hawkins is deep hanging out in a geography department, as a postdoctoral researcher at Aberystwyth Universi…


Guest Post: Anthropology’s front-lines: Notes on crisis, coloniality, and violence

Footnotes Editor , June 17th, 2018

[The following is a guest post by Proshant Chakraborty. Proshant is an applied anthropologist and research consultant based in Mumbai, India. He obtained his master’s in Social and Cultural Anthropolo…


Guest Post: An Open Letter from the Former HAU Staff 7

Footnotes Editor , June 13th, 2018

[Footnotes has received the following open letter from “The Former HAU Staff 7.”] This open-letter was written in December 2017 by a collective of former HAU staff in…


Guest Post: An Open Letter to Anthropology

Dick Powis , June 6th, 2018

[The following is a guest post by graduate student of anthropology. All names have been changed.] Dear Anthropology, I want you to know why I feel the way…


Fieldwork Update: Grassridge Rockshelter, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Daniel , June 7th, 2016

We welcome a guest post from Wenner-Gren grantees Dr. Benjamin Collins and Dr. Christopher Ames. Dr. Benjamin Collins and Dr. Christopher Ames are currently conducting Wenner-Gren Foundation-funded ex…

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