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Disaster anthropology talk 17 May: The role of culture in crisis:

fstammle , May 6th, 2022

collectivism and individualism in the coastal fishing after 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami This was once Arahama – the vibrant fishing suburb of Sendai, right by the coast….

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Markku Lehmuskallio in Rovaniemi – Pre-screening meeting with the film maker

fstammle , October 27th, 2020

for many of our readers Markku Lehmuskallio won’t need an introduction. He is a world acclaimed film maker, and a friend of our team. Some of you may…

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“Linnaeus in Sápmi: Generating Knowledge in Transit”

arcticcentre , May 19th, 2018

The Anthropology Research Team is very happy to welcome you all at the Arctic Centre for a joint presentation by Professor Elena Isayev and Professor Staffan Müller-Wille, both…

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Care, assimilation and revitalization in Deanuleahki, Sápmi

fstammle , November 22nd, 2017

We have the pleasure to host at the anthropology team Annikki Herranen-Tabibi, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University. She is doing research on  kin-based forms of care, an…

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Researching along in the Arctic: from lecture rooms to research fieldwork sites. A workshop on research issues with Tim Ingold

fstammle , March 22nd, 2017

On 23 March 2017, The Anthropology Research Team is happy to invite Professor Tim Ingold to participate as a guest discussant to a workshop that will be held…

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New Intern at Arctic Centre Rovaniemi

fstammle , March 11th, 2015

Léon Fuchs, from Versailles My name is Léon Fuchs and I will soon be 24 years old. I am a new intern at the Arctic Centre and I…

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