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Ethical inversions due to COVID-19: Pandemic and local ironies in managing responsibilities by Viviana L. Toro Matuk

Viviana L. Toro Matuk , May 25th, 2020

On Friday March 21th 2020, the Fula men, who live in the town of Gabu, in the northeast of Guinea-Bissau, did not meet to pray in their mosques….


Suffering for the Nation: bottom-up and top-down conceptualisations of the nation in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau by Christoph Kohl and Anita Schroven (2014)

IC_UGC , April 29th, 2015

Taking the two West African countries of Guinea and Guinea-Bissau as examples, the paper analyses how discourses of suffering can contribute to the emergence and development of a…

→Integration and Conflict along the Upper Guinea Coast/West Africa (IC_UGC)