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Awakening to being the “other” A schizophrenic streak

Mascha Gugganig , May 12th, 2020

In discussions on COVID-19, it has become a common trope that disciplines like anthropology are particularly relevant and fitting for writing about the pandemic. Indeed, the pandemic unearths…


Bruce Kapferer: The Hau complicity: An event in the crisis of anthropology

Focaal Web Editor , July 9th, 2018

Hau is a phenomenon. It burst on the scene of the relatively small academic scholarly world of anthropology capturing scholars from around the globe into its spirit. Hau…


Fiona Murphy: When gadflies become horses: On the unlikelihood of ethical critique from the academy

Focaal Web Editor , June 28th, 2018

Something smells of bullshit. It has for a long time. Caught in the spectacular entanglements of the neoliberal university, academic work is being actively “bullshitized.” Audit cultures, the…


Don Kalb: HAU not: For David Graeber and the anthropological precariate

Focaal Web Editor , June 26th, 2018

When HAU was launched, my grad students at Central European University were celebrating. Open access! Finally, a breach in the wall that separated the haves from the have-nots….


Patrick Neveling: HAU and the latest stage of capitalism

Focaal Web Editor , June 22nd, 2018

As anthropology assesses an increasing number of reports about abuse, bullying, sexism, and financial misconduct and fraud at its now shooting-star journal HAU, it is important to keep…


Anthro Reckoning and Reconnaissance

Emma Louise Backe , June 16th, 2018

Over the past several days, the anthropological community has been forced to confront instances of abuse, exploitation and discrimination latent in the discipline. A tweet from Cultural Anthropology…

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Zoë Goodman: What’s the point of the “Mauss haus”? The gift and anthropology today

Focaal Web Editor , June 16th, 2016

On 30 April 2016, a group of anthropological heavyweights congregated at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London), under the aegis of a workshop…