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What Pandemics Leave Behind

[no-caption] Angus Greig At some time in the future, the novel coronavirus pandemic will fade. What will this globally traumatic contagion leave …


Ventilators Alone Won’t Save Us

[no-caption] Juanmonino/Getty Images During an unusually calm shift in the intensive care unit, Barbara (a pseudonym), the experienced doctor on staff, asked …


Preppers and the Pandemic

[no-caption] Angus Greig With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the SAPIENS podcast is going viral. In this first episode of season …


The Masked Man

Several weeks ago, I finally entered the 21st century. I didn’t get the latest smartphone, AirPods, or an electric vehicle, nor did …


Why Face Masks Are Going Viral

A discount market on Penang Island, Malaysia, displays a face mask on a mannequin. Surgical masks are unregulated and provide minimal protection …