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Perimeter Protection: The Resiliency of Plantation Infrastructures in the South Carolina Lowcountry

colinhoag , May 19th, 2022

Editorial Note: This post is part of our series highlighting the work of the Anthropology and Environment Society’s 2021 Roy A. Rappaport Prize Finalists. We asked them to outline the…


Heritage Out of Control: Musealising (Hi)stories of Migration

Annika Kirbis , February 10th, 2022

Since the early 2000s, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the recruitment agreement between Austria and Turkey in 1964, there have been increasing initiatives in Vienna that involve municipal…

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Heritage out of control: Is Libation a Prayer?

Mariam Goshadze , February 7th, 2022

Religion as Heritage in Ghana In 2009, Ghana celebrated its 52nd birthday as an independent country with the usual pomp and circumstance. The parade was held at the…

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Heritage out of Control: Present Gods, Absent Nation

Eva Ambos , February 4th, 2022

The sun had already set when the night-long live broadcast of a kohoḿbā kankāriya ritual in a Sri Lankan town begins. A larger-than-life image of the leading national…

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Heritage out of Control: When Heritage Turns to Rubble

Adeline Masquelier , February 3rd, 2022

In December 2017, Toungouma was stolen, the famed stone said to render justice in the Département of Dogondoutchi, Niger. When it was found a few days later, the…

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Heritage out of Control: Inheriting Love – Sensing in The Museum of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207-1273)

Çiçek İlengiz , February 1st, 2022

“Muslims go to Mecca once, if they are not unnecessarily wealthy (laughing), but people of all kinds come to visit Mevlana [‘s musealized tomb] every year. Why? Because…

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Heritage out of Control: RecycDisturbing Heritage

Birgit Meyer , January 31st, 2022

Disturbing Heritage The past is present through its lasting material forms, in open and hidden ways, marked and unmarked. Whether cherished, taken for granted or dismissed and left…

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Negative heritage and de-normalizing necropolitics

Leyla Safta-Zecheria , January 28th, 2022

Upon entering the Orthodox Christian cemetery in Siret, a town on the Romanian-Ukrainian border, we were met with neatly kept marvel gravestones, occasionally adorned with plastic flowers and…

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Heritage out of Control: Human bones as inherited waste of Europe

Katarzyna Kwapisz Williams , January 27th, 2022

Central and Eastern Europe – known as “Bloodlands”, the area where Nazi and Stalin’s atrocities met, leaving behind many sites marked by mass killings – provide an obvious…

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Heritage Out of Control – (B)Lasting Bombs

Regina Bendix , January 26th, 2022

On January 30, 2021, more than 8000 inhabitants of Göttingen, Germany, had to evacuate their homes. Four suspected WWII bombs had been detected underground, and in order to…

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Heritage out of Control: Don’t trash my holocaust

Anne Berg , January 25th, 2022

It was an ordinary, unseasonably cool, summer day in a sleepy town just forty minutes outside of Berlin. Oranienburg once was home to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, one of…

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Heritage out of Control: Today’s utopia tomorrow’s waste?

Fouad Asfour , January 24th, 2022

Exploring how beliefs and spiritual dimensions of inequality turn today’s realities of waste into future heritage and (invisible) monuments Cite this article as: Fouad Asfour. January, 2022. ‘Herita…

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Heritage out of Control: Introduction

#PoliticalEngagements: Facts and Evidence

Black and Indigenous Futures

Chip Colwell , March 25th, 2021

In this final webinar of the series, archaeologists, artists, and cultural theorists turn to questions of what’s next in the struggle for the recognition and promotion of Indigenous…


Fugitive Archaeological Spaces

Chip Colwell , January 26th, 2021

Over the past year, we have seen renewed organizing amongst Black and Indigenous heritage professionals as well as the emergence of new collectives globally. These efforts have led…


“For the Welfare of the Whole People”: Heritage Stewardship in Indigenous and Black Communities

Chip Colwell , November 25th, 2020

Local descendant communities and Indigenous nations continue to be at the center of heritage preservation efforts. While their methods are not always recognized by academic or governmental organizatio…


From the Margins to the Mainstream: Black and Indigenous Futures in Archaeology

Chip Colwell , September 25th, 2020

Widespread protests against police violence and anti-Black racism have recently swept the globe. In the wake of protests in May and June, specifically, many citizens and communities looked…


ANZAC Cookies

Alex D'Aloia , September 13th, 2020

If you’re an Australian, the title of this blog post likely felt kind of strange to you. Perhaps it just felt a bit wrong or maybe it made…

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#Afterlives: Presumed Dead but Lived On

Erol Saglam , May 15th, 2020

Treasures and Discreet Afterlives of Greek Heritage in Contemporary Turkey Treasure hunts have long been a common practice, constituting one of the primary problems for heritage preservation in…


The UNESCO Site That Never Was

Durrie Bouscaren , April 29th, 2020

The people of Hasankeyf, Turkey, have long enjoyed the nearby Tigris River, seen here in 2019. Recently, the creation of the Ilisu Dam has submerged their town. Burak…


When Marine Mammals Clash With Archaeological Heritage

Todd Braje , March 12th, 2020

Sea lion populations off the California coast bounced back after the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. NOAA/NOS/NMS/CINMS; National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library Off the southern C…


Is It Ever OK to Publish Photographs of Human Remains?

Chip Colwell , March 11th, 2020

[no-caption] Jonas Androx/Pexels Ask SAPIENS is a series that offers a glimpse into the magazine’s inner workings. Death is an experience that binds all of humanity. Everyone dies….


A Call for Transformation: Framing the Situation

Guest Contributor , June 21st, 2019

By Bryan Cockrell At the end of January 2018, I quit a fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As a cis-gendered white man…