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#Review: Whose Life Is Worth More?

Maria Pujol Fernández , March 18th, 2021

During the Second World War, the British government, with the invaluable assistance of Alan Turing, deciphered Enigma (the Nazi code war machine) and thus gained access to key…


Ep. #32 ‘Hula Hoops not Bicycles’: Genevieve Bell talks Anthropology, Technology & Building the Future

Jodie-Lee Trembath , March 3rd, 2019

“We were bringing the voices of people that didn’t get inside the building, inside the building and making them count. And I took that as an incredible responsibility,…

→The Familiar Strange

Ethical dilemmas, anthropological practice, and principles #HauTalk

Proshant Chakraborty , July 13th, 2018

Hautalk is an opportunity to reinvigorate and remake our disciplinary identities. But how can we move this discussion beyond disciplinary boundaries—into spaces where we practice our craft? This…


Personalizing Access, Personalizing Praxis #hautalk

Emma Louise Backe , June 26th, 2018

Anthropology trained us to identify systems of oppression, those “invisibilized” dimensions of culture that reek of prejudice, privilege, and disproportionate power dynamics. These are the very theore…


Working-class in academe

eli , June 10th, 2016

When the Minnesota Review changed editors a few years ago, the old back issues disappeared from their website. Fortunately, one of my favorite essays, Diane Kendig‘s “Now I Work In…