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Nuremberg, Covid, and Anthropology: Never Again

Maximilian C. Forte , August 20th, 2022

Today, August 20, 2022, marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the trials of medical professionals at Nuremberg. Central principles and fundamental rights were enshrined as a…


Julian Assange, Political Prisoner: A Dark Day for Citizenship

Maximilian C. Forte , April 12th, 2019

After a day of following RT’s live coverage of the outrageous arrest of Julian Assange, abducted from the Embassy of Ecuador in London by British police agents, and…


Trump and Anthropology

Maximilian C. Forte , November 18th, 2016

“We are the new Indians…there are people today who want to discover us again, who want to conquer, enslave, and colonize us, and who want to use us…


Cosmopolitan Imperialism: Obama Does Anthropology in Laos?

Maximilian C. Forte , September 8th, 2016

“Obama, the cerebral son of an anthropologist”—this is how the Associated Press touted soon to be ex-president Barack Obama on his visit to Laos this week. The AP…


Debating the End of the Human Terrain System, Part 2

Maximilian Forte , December 29th, 2015

US Army caption: “Fist bump–A group of local Afghan children bump fists with U.S. Army Soldiers assigned to the 1775th Military Police Company during a mission to Kuchi…


Debating the End of the Human Terrain System, Part 1

Maximilian Forte , December 29th, 2015

The US Army’s official caption: “Survey strategy–Human Terrain Analysis Team, Iraqi Police, and U.S. Soldiers with 354th Military Police Company in support of 1st Battalion, 68th Arm…


BDS, the AAA, and Academic Imperialism

Maximilian Forte , November 14th, 2015

We Disagree to Agree Support for a particular cause can come from numerous sources and points of view, each representing different interests. Similarly, people can arrive at the…


Good bye (and good riddance) to Human Terrain System

Rex , July 8th, 2015

Both Counterpunch and Inside Higher Ed ran stories recently on the end of Human Terrain System or HTS. What was HTS? A program run by the army and employing…

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