Tag: human-centered design

Dark Patterns, or Shades of Grey?

Alex Beattie , December 17th, 2019

Screen Time app. Credit: Apple Press Kit Auto-playing videos. Bottomless social media newsfeeds. Accentuated “I consent” buttons. The internet may appear as a Choose Your Own Adventure, but…


The Messiness of Ethnography

Leonore Phillips , July 2nd, 2019

Damien Newman created “the squiggle” to convey the messiness of the design process.(CC by 2.0)   Leaving academia forced me to think more deeply and critically about ethnography…


Listening to/with Technology: Meditation Apps as the New Voice of Mental Health

Rebecca Jablonsky , June 4th, 2019

Shortly after giving birth to her son, Jessica[1] began to experience a health problem that she describes simply as “pain everywhere.” About one month after we initially met…