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Miss Tampon Liberty

guestauth0r , June 15th, 2021

In the 1980s, when menstruation was generally considered taboo, artist Jay Critchley made art out of discarded plastic tampon applicators washed up and collected on local beaches. With…

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Roundup: Waste & COVID-19

Max Liboiron , September 15th, 2020

What do we know about the relationships between waste and COVID-19? Some figures and insights are emerging, but given that we’re in the thick of the pandemic and…

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The power (and disempowerment) of Menstrual Hygiene Management

guestauth0r , October 14th, 2019

Development initiatives focused on menstrual health and sanitary pads in Southern countries actually disempower women as knowers and innovators.

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Yes, Genocide (a primer on the term) #MMIWG

guestauth0r , June 4th, 2019

For Raphael Lemkin, who invented the term, genocide was the effort to destroy a group as a group. #MMIWG

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Consider the Vulture: An Ethical Approach to Roadkill

guestauth0r , December 4th, 2017

By Jonathan L. Clark Roadkill is disgusting. Many people just want it removed from the roads as quickly as possible, and they don’t care where it goes. In…

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How we discovered pollution-poisoned crustaceans in the Mariana Trench

guestauth0r , August 14th, 2017

A trench amphipod, Hirondellea gigas, from the deepest place on Earth: Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench (10,890m). Alan Jamieson, Newcastle University, Author provided Alan Jamieson, Newcastle Un…

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Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge

guestauth0r , November 21st, 2016

In 2013, India became the fourth country in the world (after Russia, the United States and the European Union) and the only emerging nation to launch a Mars…

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In Trump’s America, 72% of the population is disposable

Max Liboiron , November 11th, 2016

What does that mean? As an affront to order, it means we are pollution. It means we must be aggressively ignored, ordered, or erased. We know this. This…

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Superbugs evolve in waste water, and could end up in our food

guestauth0r , October 2nd, 2016

While the conversation on antibiotic resistance has started, one part of the story has not been highlighted. The risks to human and ecosystem health are strongly connected to…

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Toxic Symposium on Exposure, Entanglement, and Endurance: A Summary in Tweets

Max Liboiron , March 7th, 2016

Toxics: A Symposium on Exposure, Entanglement, and Endurance was heralded as “the most important conversation on body burdens yet.” See the Twitter version of that conversation here.

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