Tag: Humanitarian work

Afghan Gender Policies & Humanitarian Carnival – Julie Billaud with Heath Cabot #REDUX

Heath Cabot , March 30th, 2017

Julie Billaud‘s first monograph, entitled « Kabul Carnival: Gender Politics in Postwar Afghanistan», came out in 2015 with the University of Pennsylvania Press, in its series The Ethnography…


Being there: Humanitarian #remoteness

Ignacio Fradejas-García , November 18th, 2016

During World War II, Ruth Benedict conducted research about Japan at a distance. Challenging the stereotypical image of the white male researcher risking his life alone under fire,…


#Review: The Politics of Humanitarianism: Power, Ideology and Aid

Nichola Khan , May 18th, 2016

Humanitarianism is a chimera, arguably an infection, but certainly an ethos and organising principle of our age that intersects with transformative moral-political modes of inquiry and praxis. This…


Celebrating Allies – part 2: Combating stereotypes with Rusty Radiators – REDUX

Allegra , April 13th, 2016

Yesterday we highlighted one important development that took place for the Allegra team in March of 2014, namely that we were joined by Ninnu Koskenalho who for the…