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Review of 2018, Part 4 (October–December): Nationalism, Deglobalization, plus the US exit from Syria

Maximilian C. Forte , December 23rd, 2018

OCTOBER Where US–Canada relations were concerned, as well as Trump’s trade strategy, NAFTA was the leading event opening the month of October. The US–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) On Monday,…


“Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded” (2014): Reversing Empire and the 1980s’ Drug War

Maximilian C. Forte , October 29th, 2018

Miami, and what became a Miami aesthetic, was probably one of the most distinctive and memorable features of the 1980s in North America. Hit shows like Miami Vice…


Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All”: A Documentary Review

Maximilian C. Forte , July 29th, 2018

Why is there growing inequality in wealth distribution in the US? Is inequality inevitable? If inequality is inevitable, can it be useful? Can inequality become a problem? If…


Better Off Without NAFTA, Part 3: Mexico—Armed Rebellion, Mass Migration, Flat GDP

Maximilian C. Forte , June 7th, 2018

Getting Past the Propaganda We are routinely told that Mexico has grown into the “one of the more robust emerging economies with exports of about $1 billion a…


DragNet: February 1 – February 15, 2018

anthropoliteiaadmin , February 20th, 2018

Image from ACLU.org For this dragnet update we have several fascinating articles to highlight. Among the stories from the United states was  an article on  the NYPD’s unofficial power…


Adopt a Canadian: A short story

Alexandru Balasescu , November 17th, 2017

I wrote this fiction in January 2017, following a series of events on international politics. I felt the need to an alternative-to-anthropology modality of thinking about, and expression…


Anthropologists and “Illegal Immigrants”

Maximilian C. Forte , December 28th, 2016

In this second of two recent articles on migration I examine the writings of three anthropologists— Nicholas P. De Genova, Andrew Kipnis, and Luis F.B. Plascencia—concerning usage of…


Open Borders, Global Citizenship, and the Working Class

Maximilian C. Forte , December 27th, 2016

In this and the next article I will discuss some of the politically contentious issues surrounding what some of us call “illegal immigration,” with reference to the works…


Immigration and Capital

Maximilian Forte , August 4th, 2016

Immigration, rightly or wrongly, has been marched to the frontline of current political struggles in Europe and North America. Whether exaggerated or accurate, the role of immigration is…


Refugees Without Agency

Antonios Alexandridis , July 14th, 2016

In late May 2016 riot police buses were rolled onto the Greek highways from Athens to the village of Idomeni, where is located the spontaneous self-organized refugee camp…


Migrant Deaths: Data, Trends and Possible Causes

Paolo Cuttitta , April 27th, 2016

In a recent article published at Allegra, Ferruccio Pastore addresses some of the problems related to counting migrant deaths in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, while stressing the arduousness of…


What makes a good coyote? Mexican Migrants’ satisfaction with human smugglers

Daniel E. Martínez , April 6th, 2016

Clandestine migration across the US-Mexico border is a dangerous process. Not only must one avoid detection by US authorities, but also encounters with bandits known as bajadores, drug…