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Development for somebody else, by Alexander Öbom

Mats Utas , July 4th, 2019

Motorcycle-taxi driving: one of few new jobs in Kisoro district. Drivers often rent their vehicle from someone else, who can afford to buy it. Alexander Öbom graduated from…

→Mats Utas

Freetown – tangible progress, by Mats Utas

Mats Utas , May 24th, 2019

Kushe-o (hello) – entering Eastern parts of Freetown in the late afternoon New roads and through fares, broadened streets, less traffic congestion, paved streets, a toll road making…

→Mats Utas

The ruins of a mining economy, by Danny Hoffman

Mats Utas , May 16th, 2019

Still from the film Uppland  Around the 23-minute mark in the short film, Uppland, an unidentified voice speaks over a series of historical images of Yekepa, Liberia. Male…

→Mats Utas