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Ep #74 Colonialism & Monsters:Yasmine Musharbash on Monster Anthropology & Social Transformation

Clair , May 2nd, 2021

The Familiar Strange · Ep #74 Colonialism & Monsters: Yasmine Musharbash on Monster Anthropology & Social Transformation This week Clair brings you an interview with Dr Yasmine Musharbash!…

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Ep #49: Intolerable Ads, Introvert Anthros, Irrevocable Ties & Indigenous Symbols: This Month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , October 27th, 2019

This month, Kylie [0:50] kicks off our conversation by reflecting on our blog about racism in sport and asks us about the ethics of ad targeting on social…

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Ep. #29 TFS at AAS: Multimodal ethnography, monolithic China, online bans & the ‘anthro helmet’ – Guest panel with Viktor Baskin, Sacha Cody & Katherine Giunta

The Familiar Strange , January 20th, 2019

We, at The Familiar Strange, would like to acknowledge and celebrate the First Australians on whose traditional lands we recorded and produced this podcast, and pay our respect…

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Ep. #26 Mining Banaba: Katerina Teaiwa talks mining phosphate & decolonising modern anthropology

The Familiar Strange , November 11th, 2018

“The body of the people is in that landscape so when it’s mined and crushed and dug up, you’re not just doing it with rock, you’re also doing…

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Eduardo Viveiros de Castro: “I would like the Museu Nacional to remain as a ruin, a memory of the dead things.”

The Familiar Strange , September 12th, 2018

This week, a translation of an interview between anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro of the Museu Nacional in Brazil, and journalist Alexandra Prado Coelho. “My wish, with the…

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