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Culture’s effect on well-being: Examining connections between industrialism, mental health, and culture-bound syndromes

Soham Govande , October 12th, 2020

Although public health has an objective and scientific connotation, systems of thought and belief also affect well-being, with equal, if not greater, impact. For instance, global differences in…

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The Nature of the Copy

Richard Fadok , April 2nd, 2019

From the dead center of an all-white eye, a lone sapling rose two feet tall. Cyclical ridges and valleys, etched in bioplastic by an unseen watchmaker, encircled the…


John McNeill: The Industrial Revolution as Global Environmental History

Stop Blaming Parents for Our Society’s Failures

Carie Little Hersh , April 24th, 2016

Yet another parenting article popped up in my Facebook feed this week. Not a How-To parenting article, which is annoying enough, but a You’re-Doing-Everything-Wrong parenting article. Generation X’s…

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