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Taking Stock in California: Inequity & Grief

Julia Brown , February 28th, 2021

Having meaningful conversations about systemic racism and social immobility can connect people as much as the act of absorbing someone else’s microcosm of grief and relating to it….

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Disrupting medical anthropology: Views from Kenya and Cameroon on how to build a more inclusive discipline by Moïse Mvetumbo

Moïse Mvetumbo , December 23rd, 2020

Medical anthropologists often strive to disrupt typical public health and medical discourses, in part by questioning the broader applicability of individualized psychological concepts and biomedical …


Disrupting Silicon Valley’s Stories

Alexandra Frankel , November 9th, 2018

In a climate of pervasive narratives of wealth creation and success, how can anthropology hold corporate and tech sectors to account? In March 2014, Business Insider published the…

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Is Life What You Make of It?

Julia Brown , September 5th, 2018

In regard to how much pre-determined ‘luck’ compares to perceptions of social mobility, it is useful to remember that both luck and feelings of free-will play into social…

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