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Viral Waste, or Covid Down the Toilet: Post-Colonic Pandemic Biopolitics by Warwick Anderson

Warwick Anderson , January 31st, 2022

Within days of discovering SARS-CoV-2, laboratory scientists and epidemiologists were speculating on whether the virus might take fecal passage, and thereby spread through contamination with bodily w…


Everyday Infection, Looming Threat: Hospital-Based Infection Control in the United States by Katharina Rynkiewich

Katharina Rynkiewich , February 9th, 2021

Design by okb-buro.com During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have served a dual role in regards to infection control and management. Hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units…


Ludwik Fleck where are you now that we need you? Covid-19 and the genesis of epidemiological facts by Ilana Löwy

Ilana Löwy , October 16th, 2020

 Tests for Covid-19 and the politics of big numbers We are incessantly flooded with data on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. WHO and the Johns Hopkins coronavirus…


The Militarisation of the COVID-19 Response in South Africa (#WitnessingCorona)

Jenny Rosenberg , August 24th, 2020

Hide Press Release (4 Less Words) Susan Levine, Lenore Manderson   The imponderabilia of our COVID times As medical anthropologists well versed in the social grammar of infectious…


A Room with a View: Observations from Two Pandemics by Linda M. Whiteford

Linda M. Whiteford , August 4th, 2020

From my balcony, I see Tampa Bay’s calm water, the Dali Museum’s distinctive architecture, the Mahaffey Theater’s empty parking lot, the balconies and porches of St, Petersburg, Florida,…


Sanitary cordons in COVID-19: experience and the object of epidemiological interventions by Alejandro Cerón

Alejandro Cerón , August 4th, 2020

What is the object of epidemiological interventions during an epidemic? Is it the virus, the disease, the fear, the chaos, or the threat to security? And what is the objective…


Watching Coronavirus in Kenya (#WitnessingCorona)

Dominik Mattes , March 29th, 2020

Hide Press Release (3 Less Words) Kennedy Mkutu Agade Here in Kenya the sun is shining and a beautiful breeze is blowing through the house. But the house…


Silent Encroachments: Counting and grappling with Covid-19 in unequal Brazil (#WitnessingCorona)

Max Schnepf , March 27th, 2020

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Moisés Kopper Life, as we know, has been abruptly disrupted. In Brazil, talk about the coronavirus and the mechanics of contagion and…


COVID-19 Forum: Introduction by Christos Lynteris

Christos Lynteris , March 6th, 2020

Since its emergence in December 2019, COVID-19 has led to a global pandemic, in everything but name. To date, over 100,000 people have been infected across the globe,…


Politics by Other Means: Health in Việt Nam by Martha Lincoln

Martha Lincoln , July 19th, 2018

My research in Việt Nam addresses how medicine, health, and disease function as political and cultural signifiers as well as telegraphing – in the form of epidemiological data…


Breaking news! Big Shift in Biomediatization from “Swine Flu” to H3N2 to the Trump Administration’s Attack on Breastfeeding by Charles L. Briggs

Charles L. Briggs , July 16th, 2018

The H3N2 epidemic didn’t really take off until early January 2018—at least as far as US media coverage is concerned. A crucial marker was the New York Times‘…


Diagnosis where? Testing Pigs and Humans for T. solium cysticercosis in Uganda by Rebekah Thompson

Rebekah Thompson , May 9th, 2018

Two live pigs being transported to a local butcher in Mukono district, Uganda Taenia solium is a zoonotic disease shared between humans and pigs. Humans become infected with…


Humanitarian diagnostics for sleeping sickness in Uganda by Jennifer Palmer

Jennifer Palmer , May 2nd, 2018

Map of sleeping sickness RDT availability (red dots) in the north-western region of Uganda hosting refugees from South Sudan. In 2015, the majority of refugees in this region…


Andrew Lakoff’s Unprepared: Global Health in a Time of Emergency by Christos Lynteris

Christos Lynteris , April 24th, 2018

Unprepared: Global Health in a Time of Emergency Andrew Lakoff University of California Press, 2017. 240 pages.   Let us be frank: it is hard to think preparedness…


ReEBOV: Developing an Ebola rapid diagnostic test at research ground zero by Imogen Bevan

Imogen Bevan , April 16th, 2018

Expired ReEBOV tests in a hospital laboratory in Sierra Leone. Photograph by Ann Kelly In June 2015, as Sierra Leone and Guinea was experiencing new surges in clusters…


Web Roundup: Something Rotten – Scent, Morality, Good and Evil by Sara M Bergstresser

Sara M Bergstresser , December 7th, 2016

A well-known quote from Hamlet is “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” This, of course, refers to the illegitimate and immoral reign of the fictional King…


After the End of Disease: Rethinking the Epidemic Narrative by Dora Vargha

Dora Vargha , May 17th, 2016

In conversations with people living with polio in Hungary, I often encountered members of the tight-knit community referring to themselves as “dinosaurs”. We are a breed that is…


Book Forum––Carlo Caduff’s The Pandemic Perhaps by Todd Meyers

Todd Meyers , April 27th, 2016

  Carlo Caduff’s The Pandemic Perhaps: Dramatic Events in a Public Culture of Danger (University of California Press, 2015) is a story of the influenza pandemic that never…


A forum on the Zika virus by Sudeepa Abeysinghe

Sudeepa Abeysinghe , February 17th, 2016

Zika is in the air. The beginning of 2016 has seen the world thrust into another global infectious disease crisis, fanned by the politics and fear of uncertainty…


Web Roundup: A busy month for Pharma… by Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts , September 30th, 2015

This month it was hard not to pay attention to what was happening in the world of Pharma, where several cases came to light illustrating just how murky…


Book Forum — The Viral Network: A Pathography of the H1N1 Influenza Pandemic by Eugene Raikhel

Eugene Raikhel , September 21st, 2015

  In this Book Forum, our commentators respond to Theresa MacPhail’s provocative ethnography of influenza research and public health response, The Viral Network: A Pathography of the H1N1…


Book Forum — Christian McMillen’s “Discovering Tuberculosis” by Todd Meyers

Todd Meyers , September 4th, 2015

  Christian McMillen’s Discovering Tuberculosis is many things, but mostly it is an account of failure.  The book is a story of disease control in the twentieth century…


Limn issue no. 5: Ebola’s Ecologies by Todd Meyers

Todd Meyers , August 18th, 2015

We’d like to help spread the word about the recent issue of Limn, edited by Andrew Lakoff, Stephen J. Collier and Christopher Kelty, now in print. From the…


Epidemics and Xenophobia by A. David Napier

A. David Napier , August 4th, 2015

In June 2015 The Bellagio Task Force on Epidemics and Xenophobia met to discuss the resurgence of xenophobia across the globe—one most recently prompted by fearful and unsympathetic…