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Source for Arabic pdfs

tabsir , May 12th, 2022

Here is a very useful source for downloading pdfs of Arabic texts on a wide range of subjects. Check it out here: https://ebook.univeyes.com/disciplines


Tim MacIntosh Smith

tabsir , November 28th, 2021

Read the article about Tim, whose writing on Yemen is terrific.


Researching Islamic Manuscripts

tabsir , November 11th, 2021

Mahmoud Zaki has assembled a major resource on sources for the study of Islamic manuscripts, including links to major digital collections and publications. It can be accessed here….


New Studies on History of Yemen

tabsir , November 9th, 2021

Practising Community in Urban and Rural Eurasia (1000–1600): Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, eds. Fabian Kümmeler, Judit Majorossy, and Eirik Hovden (Brill Publishing, November 20…


H-Egypt Network

tabsir , October 25th, 2021

There is a new resource regarding the study of Egypt from the start of the Islamic era until the present at H-Egypt.


Online Books in Halle

tabsir , October 16th, 2021

At least 337 Books published in Germany on Islam and history of the Middle East are available to read online or download. Most are in German but a…


The Post-Ottoman Century: A View from 1917

dvarisco , January 29th, 2021

The last Ottoman sultan, Mehmet VI, leaving his palace in Istanbul in 1922 The Ottoman Empire, firmly established after the conquest of Constantinople cum Istanbul in 1453 lasted…


Onomasticon Arabicum

tabsir , July 8th, 2016

Onomasticon Arabicum (OA) is a long-living database project. This new online-version informs on more than 15000 scholars and celebrities from the first Muslim millenary. Its entries in Arabic…


Advanced Course in Arabic Manuscript Studies

tabsir , April 22nd, 2016

Scholars, Scribes, and Readers: An Advanced Course in Arabic Manuscript Studies6-10 June 2016, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK The Islamic Manuscript Association, in cooperation with Camb…


Webinar in Islamic Material Culture “The Rise of an Agricultural Empire”

tabsir , March 9th, 2016

Economy and Material Culture in the Early Islamic Empire Bi-Weekly, Wednesday, 4-6 pm CEST Starting April 6, 2016 Islamic Material Culture The Universität Bonn (Bethany Walker), the Ludwig-Maximilian…


Muslims in Medieval France

tabsir , February 26th, 2016

Early Medieval Muslim Graves in France: First Archaeological, Anthropological and Palaeogenomic Evidence Yves Gleize , Fanny Mendisco , Marie-Hélène Pemonge, Christophe Hubert, A…


Arabic Papyrology Database

tabsir , February 20th, 2016

Andreas Kaplony, H-Mideast-Medieval, Saturday, January 2, 2016 The Arabic Papyrology Database (APD) team wishes you a happy New Year. Our present: new, handy features implemented in the APD…


MenaLib Site

tabsir , January 3rd, 2016

MENALib is a major resource for find e-texts, manuscripts, etc.


Digital Islamic Humanities Project

tabsir , October 16th, 2015

The Digital Islamic Humanities Project at Brown University is pleased to announce its third annual conference, titled “Distant Reading and the Islamic Archive,” which will be held on…


Patricia Crone (1945-2015)

Open Access to Middle East Journals and Newspapers

tabsir , May 31st, 2015

For anyone doing research on the Middle East for the past two centuries, there is an incredible archive online. Details below: Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers…