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Parading with the Pharaohs

tabsir , April 4th, 2021

Yesterday there was an extravaganza parade in Cairo parading the embalmed remains of 22 ancient Egyptian pharaohs to their new “eternal” resting place in the National Museum of…


Picturing the “Enemy”

tabsir , April 3rd, 2021

My friend Karim Ben Khelifa, an award-winning photographic journalist who I met over a decade ago, has produced an extraordinary film (“The Enemy”) on his experience as a…


The Crisis in Yemen

tabsir , February 8th, 2021

My commentary published in Juan Cole’s Informed Comment.


Trump’s Muslim Bashing

tabsir , June 18th, 2016

The Atlantic (June 16) has a powerful piece by Uri Friedman on Donald Trump’s rampant Muslim bashing with responses by six Muslim commentators and scholars. It is well…


The Voice of which America?

tabsir , January 20th, 2016

Commentary on MENA Tidningen.


Donald Trump and P. T. Barnum

tabsir , December 10th, 2015

My latest post from Lund…


Armageddon after Ankara

tabsir , October 23rd, 2015

The Ankara bombing: Presaging the end of the Turkish Republic? What we have witnessed in the last two years, culminating in the horrible scenes of 10 October in…


Abou Naddara Collection website

tabsir , July 11th, 2015

Welcome to the Abou Naddara Collection website! This website offers the complete newspapers published by the Egyptian nationalist James Sanua (يعقوب صنوع, 1839-1912) from 1878 to 1910. In…


Commentary Hell

tabsir , June 28th, 2015

We moderns devour news as if it were a staple food. Gone are the days when one sat down for coffee in the morning with a daily newspaper….


An Impish Desire for Imperial Déjà Vu

tabsir , May 27th, 2015

An Impish Desire for Imperial Déjà Vu Daniel Martin Varisco, MENA Tidningen, May 27, 2015 A recent online commentary by Robert Kaplan for Foreign Policy displays the provocative…


The Bridge over Islamophobia

tabsir , May 24th, 2015

John Esposito at the Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding in the Walsh School of Foreign Service has just provided a unique website to chart the pace of islamophobia…