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Baghdad in the 19th Century

tabsir , October 18th, 2021

A richly illustrated book in French from 1887 on Iraq and Persia has an incredible number of illustrations. The book can be downloaded here. I attach some of…


Honey and Poi featured in USCJ’s “Journeys”

Rex , January 14th, 2020

Honey and Poi is a history of my synagogue in Hawai‘i. I helped research it and Matt, my collaborator and friend, wrote it. In a short column for…

→Alex Golub

George Washington’s Letter to the Jews

Rex , July 4th, 2019

I recently returned from a trip to New England to visit the affines. While there, my children received a gift from one of the aunts — a printed…

→Alex Golub

The Anthropology/Poetry Nexus–An Interview with Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor

Alma Gottlieb , January 15th, 2018

Can artists and social scientists inhabit the same universe? Melisa (“Misha”) Cahnmann-Taylor embodies that nexus. Her advanced degrees include an MFA in poetry . . . and a…

→Alma Gottlieb

Why it (Still) Makes Little Sense to Call ISIS Islamic

tabsir , August 26th, 2015

A member of ISIS poses in a fighter jet similar to those used in the Prophet’s time. By Haroon Moghul, Religion Dispatches, August 24, 2015 Last week, The…