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Allegra , July 9th, 2021

ResonanceCast is a new multimodal series that seeks to tease out timely shared concerns. After their articles have been published on Allegra Lab, we invite two authors to…


The Force of Custom in Kyrgyzstan: Allegra’s Judith Beyer discusses her new book

Allegra , June 6th, 2017

Sean Guillory of Sean’s Russia Blog spoke with our Publications and Reviews Editor Judith Beyer about her book The force of custom. Law and the ordering of everyday…


Buenos Aires Subway #Soundtrack

Ingo Rohrer , February 10th, 2017

The city rattles, rustles and roars unremittingly. In Buenos Aires you hear the constant medley of restless mechanical noises and the humming of millions of lives. The central pitch of this soundsca…


Celebrating Arba’een. Shia in Myanmar

Judith Beyer , August 19th, 2016

On December 2nd 2015, the Shia community in Myanmar celebrated Arba’een – the fourtieth day after Ashura. I recorded this martyr song around midnight in Myanmar’s former capital…


Afghan Wedding Fun: Men and women’s sides!

Julie Billaud , March 10th, 2016

My fieldwork in Afghanistan in 2007 involved a substantial amount of time spent at wedding parties. It was rare to spend a week without being invited to one….


Dreaming of the Inevitable – A Lecture by Samuli Schielke

Samuli Schielke , February 17th, 2016

Today we are pleased to share this talk by our ‘Allie’ Samuli Schielke. The talk is titled ‘Dreaming of the Inevitable: How Money, Morals and Destiny Come Together When Young Egyptia…