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Photography and the humanity of the moment – final year student projects

CarolineB , June 25th, 2015

Robert Frank commented that ‘photography must contain the humanity of the moment.’ What better combination then than photography and anthropology? In their final term year some visual anth…

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‘Homeless Youth’ – a local collaborative film project

CarolineB , November 19th, 2014

@Porchlight1974 @KentSAC @CTunaker @Pelaris #homelessyouth #appliedanthropology Carin Tunaker is a PhD student in social anthropology at the University of Kent.  Her research examines the conditions …

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Using art and audiovisual methods with migrants in Spain: an interview with Francesco Bondanini

CarolineB , February 13th, 2013

Francesco Bondanini, a University of Kent alumnus, uses participatory visual methods to explore and empower the lives of migrants and detainees in Spain and Germany.  In the interview…

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Life on water: a photographic tale from Cambodia

CarolineB , January 10th, 2013

Back in August 2012 I spent a day at the Vietnamese floating village at Kampong Chnnang, central Cambodia.  Lying at the mouth of the Tonle Sap Lake, much…

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