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Katy Highet takes the page 99 test

| , November 16th, 2022

I wasn’t expecting my p. 99 – right in the middle of my methodology – to be particularly revealing. But as luck (or indeed Ford Madox Ford) would…

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Joshua Babcock takes the page 99 test

| , August 1st, 2022

“It’s about sarees or some shit.” This sentence—probably my favorite in the dissertation—comes from a group interview with Chand Chandramohan, Diva, and Seelan Palay, the organizers of Singapore’s…

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Fang Xu on her book, Silencing Shanghai

| , July 18th, 2022

Interview by Andy Zhenzhou Tan Andy Zhenzhou Tan: The topic of your book – the (potential) loss of a language variety under language standardization – is of wide…

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Tamar Katriel on her book, Defiant Discourse

| , December 27th, 2021

Interview by Irit Dekel Irit Dekel: Your recent book Defiant Discourse helps readers understand the relations between speech and action, revisiting important questions concerning the performat…

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Elisabeth Barakos on her book, Language Policy in Business

| , May 24th, 2021

https://www.jbe-platform.com/content/books/9789027260697 Interview by Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà: “Language Policy in Business: Discourse, Ideology and Practice” is o…

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Sustaining Bilingual Education Amid School Choice Expansion

Chelsea Horton , March 30th, 2021

Students, parents, and educators in Milwaukee continue a tradition of bilingual education activism and resist choice schools’ scaling up of linguistic subtraction.  At La Escuela Bilingüe Foster’s (Fo…

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Kristin Hickman takes the page 99 test

| , November 24th, 2020

On page 99 of my dissertation, Révolution Dārija? Imagining Vernacular Futures in Morocco, the reader finds themself in a Casablanca dubbing studio alongside a sound engineer and a…

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Guilherme Fians takes the Page 99 test

| , August 3rd, 2020

On page 99 of my dissertation, the reader finds themself in the middle of an ethnographic description of a heated political debate held during the 101st Universal Congress…

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William Leap on his book, Language Before Stonewall

| , June 29th, 2020

Interview by Brian Adam-Thies https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783030335151 Background The Stonewall “Riots” occurred from June 28th-July 3rd, 1969 in New York City, Greenwich Village.   These event…

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Kate Fleming and Umberto Ansaldo discusses Revivals, Nationalism, and Linguistic Discrimination

| , June 8th, 2020

Interview by Claudia Matachana https://www.routledge.com/Revivals-Nationalism-and-Linguistic-Discrimination-Threatening-Languages/Fleming-Ansaldo/p/book/9781138193314 Claudia Matachana: Through the b…

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Rapping in Sakha

Chelsea Horton , September 19th, 2019

In Yakutsk, hip hop can be poetic, nostalgic, and even subversive. What can this inventive genre say about language relocalization and maintenance? A crowd gathers at Muus Khaia…

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Jenanne Ferguson on her book, Words Like Birds

| , August 19th, 2019

Interview by Laura Siragusa https://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/university-of-nebraska-press/9781496208880/ Laura Siragusa: In your rich ethnography about language practices in the Sakha Republic, Russ…

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Speak American

Summerson Carr , August 16th, 2019

October 16, 2017, begins as a normal day at your New Jersey high school. You are chatting with friends in Spanish, the second most-spoken language in the United…

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Jonathan Rosa on his new book, Looking Like a Language and Sounding Like a Race

| , March 18th, 2019

https://global.oup.com/academic/product/looking-like-a-language-sounding-like-a-race-9780190634735 Interview by Jessica López-Espino Jessica López-Espino: Let’s start with your title, what does it me…

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Elise Berman on her new book, Talking Like Children

| , March 11th, 2019

https://global.oup.com/academic/product/talking-like-children-9780190876982 Interview by Shannon Ward Shannon Ward: Most chapters of your book illustrated the enactment of “aged agency” t…

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