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Elisabeth Barakos on her book, Language Policy in Business

| , May 24th, 2021

https://www.jbe-platform.com/content/books/9789027260697 Interview by Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà: “Language Policy in Business: Discourse, Ideology and Practice” is o…

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Stuart Dunmore on his book, Language Revitalisation in Gaelic Scotland

| , July 20th, 2020

Interview by Christian Puma-Ninacuri https://edinburghuniversitypress.com/book-language-revitalisation-in-gaelic-scotland.html Christian Puma-Ninacuri: Gaelic-medium education (GME) has been develope…

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Rapping in Sakha

Chelsea Horton , September 19th, 2019

In Yakutsk, hip hop can be poetic, nostalgic, and even subversive. What can this inventive genre say about language relocalization and maintenance? A crowd gathers at Muus Khaia…

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Miranda Weinberg takes the page 99 test for her dissertation

| , August 13th, 2018

Page 99 of my dissertation, Schooling Languages: Indigeneity, Language Policy, and Language Shift in Nepal, is both representative and anomalous as part of my dissertation. In my dissertation…

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Goodman, “Acts of Negotiation”

Eli Thorkelson , February 21st, 2018

I’ve been interested lately in a stream of new work coming out on language politics in global higher education. Yesterday I came across a new paper on English…


Seeing Culture Like a State

Kerim , September 11th, 2016

At this year’s Taiwan’s annual anthropology conference, the Taiwan group anthropology blog Guava Anthropology hosted a public event where blog members were invited to give five minute &#82…

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