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SAR Board Member John Arroyo Wins Whiting Fellowship

Michael Brown , May 25th, 2022

John Arroyo SAR’s academic board members continue to win major fellowships focused on innovative work in the public policy arena. John Arroyo, a recent SAR-Mellon Foundation Latinx Resident…

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SAR Press Top Reads: Place, Environment, and Change

Sarah Soliz , June 11th, 2021

When life seems to be changing day by day, if not hour by hour, we look to sources of information that we have come to know and trust….

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How to Publish Your First Book: SAR Press Talks to Alina Méndez

Sarah Soliz , May 5th, 2021

The mission of SAR Press encompasses not only publishing research at the forefront of anthropology and Southwest and Native studies, but al…

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Trumpism, Mexican America, and the Struggle for Latinx Citizenship

Sarah Soliz , April 26th, 2021

Buy this volume SERIESAdvanced Seminar » CATEGORIESCultural Anthropology »General Anthropolog…

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The Equitable Transformation of Communities: A Conversation with John Arroyo

Sarah Soliz , January 22nd, 2021

The future of working with newcomer immigrant populations and serving them also means understanding the needs of extant populations: being…

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SAR Resident Scholar Colloquium Preview: Stephen Sullivan Listens to the Soundscapes of Gentrification

Sarah Soliz , November 13th, 2020

My project is less interested in the so-called problem of noise than understanding urban neighborhood sounds more capaciously as social ph…

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