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Kate Vieira on her book, Writing for Love and Money

| , November 1st, 2021

Interview by Amy Garey https://global.oup.com/academic/product/writing-for-love-and-money-9780190877316 Amy Garey: How does migration influence literacy practices? Kate Vieira: Unfortuna…

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World élite? Latvia, national identity and the pandemic

Gareth Hamilton , July 14th, 2020

An introduction to somewhere less observed Research on Covid-19 is a hot topic worldwide, and, recently, the Latvian government has  also launched its own emergency research programme. We,…


Teenage views on Culture (Nordplus closing interviews, 2013)

csabaracs , July 13th, 2015

“Learning Skills for Sustainable Development” Date: 26th – 29th November, 2013 Venue: Riga State Gymnasium Nr. 2 Time for opening: on 26th November at 16.00 Closing: on 29th…


“I’m crazy for the moment.” A quest for rituals #1

csabaracs , June 20th, 2015

„-T.: OMG! Doherty claims he’s clean. That’s not Doherty anymore. ”Sex, Drugs and rock’n’roll” prince of the 21th (sic) century is now dead to me. – T. added:…


After knocking: Picturing youth itineraries

csabaracs , June 16th, 2015

Look at me and explain „who do you want to be in ten years?”. „I want to be a famous professor, living abroad. I want to publish a…


“There is no world.” The troubled imagination of a hipster band

csabaracs , June 12th, 2015

In 2013 I moved to Riga, Latvia for an entire year to teach and proceed in a self-constructed ethnographic project. At times dreams came true, yes, they did,…


‘Mellencamp’s classroom tape’

csabaracs , June 7th, 2015

John Mellencamp is one of my favorite rock singers. I find it fascinating how he depicts urban life. It is well-known that in his songs he delivers sharp…


Hard enough… (a photo essay)


csabaracs , May 11th, 2015

In Zasulauks neighborhood In Lady Baiba’s living room a flimsy photo hangs on the wall of a large companion on Candera street. She never misses the chance to…


From a. to A.

csabaracs , May 1st, 2015

Introduction I would love telling tales from the city where the city served as a powerful stage for the different characters like in James Joyce’s ”Dubliners”. The city…


“The teacher next door”

csabaracs , April 16th, 2015

I was giving history lessons to 10th graders, and once I had managed having a Socratic circle about the qualifications of a good leader. Our key example was…