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Don’t make me laugh: How getting it wrong shapes interspecies entanglements in the Batek’s forest

Alice Rudge , October 1st, 2020

“yeʔ kan plŋal!” “lawac!” “hɛy yeʔ leh!” “Don’t laugh!”, “It’s taboo!”, “We shouldn’t!”   Naʔ Srimjam kept admonishing us one afternoon that she, her sister Naʔ Badək, and I,…


Comedic Lies as Transitory Truths

Alexandra Frankel , April 1st, 2019

Why are stand-up comedians better anthropologists than, well, anthropologists? And what happens when a Danish anthropologist takes the mic? Anthropology News recently decided to no longer accept prank…

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Flatulanthropology #BODY

Jon P. Mitchell , April 22nd, 2016

When Jon was a PhD student at Edinburgh University in the early 1990s, there was a running joke about the possibility of developing a project on ethnoscatology –…


New Allegra week: #Boredom, Laughter – and a few farts!

Allegra , April 18th, 2016

And what do you know – it is AGAIN time for a new Allegra week! Where does the time go, despite of our determination to chew our intellectual…