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Boilerplate Clauses as Pragmatic Knowledge Practices #pragmatisms

Leticia Barrera , March 2nd, 2016

Prompted by the invitation to participate in this thematic week on #pragmatisms for Allegra, I would like to share some reflections from my ethnographic reading of a concrete…


References Needed! #Crowdsourcing

Mark Goodale , September 17th, 2015

Mark Goodale is currently writing Anthropology and Law: A Critical Introduction for NYU Press. The manuscript is due at the end of December 2015. One of the ideas…


REDUX: Simulacrum Crimea (Anthropoliteia Virtual Roundtable PART 2) #UKRAINE

Judith Beyer , July 23rd, 2015

Today we re-post our conversation with Judith Beyer from a  joint virtual roundtable with Anthropoliteia. In her commentary, Judith answers the question: “What has struck you the most,…