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Kaleidoscope of truth

Sandhya I. Fuchs (LSE and University of Bern) will talk about “Kaleidoscope of truth: Legal fictions, real cases and controversial proof in …


A Radical Recentering of Dignity

A protestor in 2020 in Santiago waves the Chilean flag. Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images In an interview during October of 2019, Chilean President …


Doing an Ethnography of Corruption

When: 15 January 2021 / 2-3.30 pm CET Link:… ID: 93210372616 Password: 4JzWZ6 See you on Zoom! Here is the full …


An Archaeology of Marijuana

In June, the recreational and medical marijuana industry in my home state of Colorado reached US$199 million in monthly sales, a new …