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[unpacking my] word hoarding

john hutnyk , July 18th, 2022

Bamboo airlines generous 45 kg luggage allowance, plus 25kg add on, and back troubling hand luggage… On the hottest day of the year, leaving Notts at 39 for…


Du Bois on Communism

john hutnyk , June 4th, 2022

I typed this out a week ago on Facebook and it was shared nearly 200 times on the first day. This, I think, indicates that the time is…


No Olympics

john hutnyk , August 22nd, 2021

Because of the money-suck, the corporate sponsorship (riotinto making the medals in London), the fake moralism about drugs, the ‘security’ policing, the clearing of the inner city of…



john hutnyk , October 16th, 2020

From the very first Tecoma Youth CYSS(tem) one to a few neat things already linked here – The Paper, Invisible Finger – I’ve always enjoyed the Zine scene…


Lockjaw from Telephone Publishing. Book launch.

john hutnyk , April 17th, 2016

Dreamflesh was a loose group of writers, graphic artists and musicians who would have rejected the term “collective” in favour of something more like, say, “gang”. They produced…