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Q and A with Professor Diane Enns on Thinking Through Loneliness

Rose Deller , June 13th, 2022

13-17 June 2022 is Loneliness Awareness Week in the UK. We speak to Professor Diane Enns about her new book, Thinking Through Loneliness, touching on topics such as…

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Life as an Insect Inside a Glass Jar: Language Learning Through Immersion

Ep. #35: Loneliness, Positionality, ‘Person’ & Violence: This Month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , April 14th, 2019

This month Julia (0:59) starts us off with the relationship between loneliness and health after listening to an episode of ‘All in the Mind’, a podcast that explores…

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Gramps and the Gangster visit the memory clinic by Jason Danely

Jason Danely , March 26th, 2019

“Are you free tomorrow?” “Sure, what’s going on?” “It’s a big day for Gramps! I’m taking him to the doctor. I guess someone from the ward office said…


Making an academic ‘coven’

The Familiar Strange , February 24th, 2019

Hierarchies persist, which is why factions, such as covens, coalesce in the first place. They emerge from a place of need. A need to counteract isolation, disparate power…

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On the Heartbreak of Leaving the Field: Falling in love and going home again

The Familiar Strange , October 10th, 2018

My heart was broken not by leaving individual people, but by leaving something much bigger.  It takes us too long in anthropology to learn that the communities we…

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A Hero of Solitude #MeadCompetition

Henrik Hvenegaard Mikkelsen , February 6th, 2017

The person I wish to present in the following, a 72-year-old man named Herman, has withdrawn from almost all human contact. But to what extent could we accept…