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Encounters on the Shop Floor

Haidy Geismar , June 3rd, 2019

How can we harness the knowledge of the maker for the 21st century? The knowledge created through making, sometimes called ‘embodied’ or ‘tacit’, is fundamental to life and…

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Things that Make Us

Haidy Geismar , August 6th, 2016

Via The Institute of Making Zoe Laughlin of UCL’s Institute of Making has a new podcast, Things That Make Us. Following the model of Desert Island Discs, each week, Laughlin interviews…

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Occasional Paper 5: Mr Coperthwaite – a life in the Maine Woods

Haidy Geismar , June 11th, 2015

Anna Grimshaw, Emory University In 1960, Bill Coperthwaite bought 300 acres of wilderness in Machiasport, Maine. Influenced by the poetry of Emily Dickinson and by the back to…

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