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The Endangered Fishers of the Archipelago Sea #WhoseGreen?

Kirsi Sonck-Rautio , January 22nd, 2019

Regulation and the Archipelago Sea ”You are looking at the last generation of coastal fishers!” a fisherman told me, as I was getting my coffee at a seminar…


The Bill Belichick disruption (and what we can learn from it)

Grant , November 2nd, 2018

(This post was originally published on Medium two days ago. It is reproduced here with light editing only.) How do they do it? How do the New England…

→CultureBy – Grant McCracken

Data overload

The Anxious Anthropologist , August 21st, 2017

How do we proceed to live in a world in which data overwhelms us? At every point we seem to be participating in capture schemes that reduce us…

→The Anxious Anthropologist: culture, health and everyday life

How to manage many stakeholders

Grant , April 12th, 2016

A note on style: I wrote this in a hotel room somewhere. I used Scapple from Literature and Latte to do it.  It was really just a note…

→CultureBy – Grant McCracken

For anthropologists, is interdisciplinarity ever truly a meeting of equals?

The Anxious Anthropologist , February 20th, 2016

I recently read a Twitter post which asserted that interdisciplinarity was never a meeting of equals. As an anthropologist working outside of an academic department I met this…

→The Anxious Anthropologist: culture, health and everyday life