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Connection, Inc.: Fast Times for Online Dating in the Age of Quarantine

Anders Wallace , December 22nd, 2020

Online Dating Goes Back to the Future Have you noticed an uptick in move-ins or engagements in your social circles lately? How about divorces? While everyone seemingly dreads…


Special Episode: The Familiar Strange & All Things Myanmar with Myanmar Musings!

The Familiar Strange , November 18th, 2020

The Familiar Strange · Special Episode: The Familiar Strange & All Things Myanmar with Myanmar Musings! Surprise! We are so pleased to show you all a collaborative project…

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Ep#63 Culture Shock, Storytelling, Pungent Masculinity & Rule Based Imaginations: This Month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , September 20th, 2020

The Familiar Strange · #63 Culture Shock, Storytelling, Pungent Masculinity & Rule Based Imagination For the panel this week we welcome Luke Corbin from Myanmar Musings and Familiar…

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Ep. #45: Financial Identity, Quiet Fields, Silencing Students & Angry Anthropologists: This Month On TFS

The Familiar Strange , September 1st, 2019

Simon [1:00] begins our chat by asking what happens to your identity when you become a dependent spouse; that is, when your partner is supporting the household financially…

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Book Review: Young Working-Class Men in Transition by Steven Roberts

Rose Deller , June 4th, 2019

In Young Working-Class Men in Transition, Steven Roberts draws on a seven-year longitudinal study of young working-class men in the south-east of England to counter dominant narratives surrounding wor…

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Fluid Masculinity: The case of Krishna

The Familiar Strange , March 10th, 2019

As Rama becomes more and more the icon of “virile Hinduism” and the symbol of a new kind of hegemonic, patriarchal, masculinity, so Krishna is held up as…

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Author Interview: Q&A with Rachel O’Neill on Seduction: Men, Masculinity and Mediated Intimacy

Rose Deller , February 22nd, 2019

In this author interview, we speak to Rachel O’Neill about her recent book, Seduction: Men, Masculinity and Mediated Intimacy, which offers an ethnographic study of the ‘seduction industry…

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Book Review: Seduction: Men, Masculinity and Mediated Intimacy by Rachel O’Neill

Rose Deller , February 14th, 2019

In Seduction: Men, Masculinity and Mediated Intimacy, Rachel O’Neill examines the construction of intimacy under neoliberalism through an ethnographic exploration of the contemporary ‘seduction …

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Real-time rituals of elite male privilege

Sara Shneiderman , October 4th, 2018

The late September 2018 public testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh before the US Senate Judiciary Committee gave the world an opportunity to observe the real-time…


Protected: To Be a Man Is Not a One-Day Job: A Conversation with Daniel Jordan Smith

Black Women and the Fight against Sexual Violence

Alexandra Frankel , May 10th, 2018

We cannot fully comprehend today’s activism without the complex histories of Black women’s struggles against sexual violence. Several years ago I interviewed a retired scholar who was one…

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Why #MeToo Is Complicated for Female Anthropologists

The Familiar Strange , February 28th, 2018

How do we ensure that the #metoo movements reach beyond both Hollywood’s red carpets and academia’s Ivory Towers, to areas where a shake-up is arguably most needed? How…

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The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatter Syllabus, Week 29: Courtney Morris For Black Boys Who Look Blue

smulla16 , April 26th, 2017

The editors of Anthropoliteia are happy to continue an ongoing series The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatterSyllabus Project, which will mobilize anthropological work as a pedagogical exercise addressin…


The masculinity of Marxist theory

eli , March 28th, 2017

It is an exaggeration to say that all Marxist theory people are men. But the historical masculinity of that little world — let’s face it —is hard to underestimate. I’m not talking…



Magdalena Suerbaum , February 15th, 2017

Masculinities Under Neoliberalism (2016), edited by Andrea Cornwall, Frank G. Karioris and Nancy Lindisfarne is the successor of the groundbreaking work ‘Dislocating Masculinity’ (1994). Twenty years …


#Reviews week: Let’s talk about #gender!

Judith Beyer , February 13th, 2017

Following up on Felix Girke’s review of Rogers Brubaker’s book #trans, this #reviews week is dedicated to more new publications that explore #gender at the intersection of a…


“Notes on a Balinese Cockfight” and Donald Trump by Veronica Davidov

Veronica Davidov , January 16th, 2017

Shortly after the election, I taught “Notes on a Balinese Cockfight” to my Anthropological Theory class, as I always do, at that point in the semester. By then…


On Exploring Masculinities in the Middle East

Iklim Goksel , March 24th, 2016

Nasreddin Hodja miniature at the Topkapı Palace Museum Library in İstanbul. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons “Eat, eat my fur coat,” said Nasreddin Hodja to criticize societal attitudes th…

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