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The Same Old Song and Dance: Nothing Has Been Done to Reduce Mass Shootings

Anthropology365 , May 26th, 2022

We are only a few days removed from the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX where nearly two dozen people were murdered in cold…

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“A student and a professor remember the UNC Charlotte mass shooting three years later”: NPR WFAE Charlotte: Sarah Delia

Anthropology365 , April 29th, 2022

I have not done many interviews on the subject. Here is an NPR article in which I am featured alongside one of my students about the shooting in…

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Reflecting Three Years After the UNCC Mass Shooting

Anthropology365 , April 25th, 2022

Every year at this time, I reflect on the shooting that occurred in my classroom on April 30, 2019, that took the lives of two students, injured four…

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My Reflections Two Years After Surviving a Classroom Shooting

Anthropology365 , April 30th, 2021

Today marks two years since a classroom shooting happened while teaching my final class at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Six students were shot, two of which…

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White Men and Their Toxic White Fragility

Anthropology365 , August 4th, 2019

It has been several months since the shooting in my classroom at UNC Charlotte where two of my students were killed, four were physically injured, and an untold…

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The Story of a Mass Shooting Survivor and Anthropologist

Anthropology365 , May 2nd, 2019

  On April 30, my Liberal Studies class, framed as Anthropology and Philosophy of Science (Syllabus), was the site of a horrific event. Two of my students were…

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