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Islam, devotional genres and electronic mediation in Mauritius

John Postill , August 4th, 2016

Here comes the ninth (9th) set of notes under the theme of media and change in preparation for the volume Postill, J., E. Ardevol and S. Tenhunen (eds.)…


anthro in the news 1/18/16

anthropologyworks , January 18th, 2016

  Source: Google Images/Creative Commons Autism that can kill Kim Shively, professor of cultural anthropology at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, published an article in the Morning Call (All…


Interview with Tijo Salverda

anthropologyworks , December 30th, 2015

By Madhukar Ramlallah, editor of the Mauritius Times [with permission from the Mauritius Times] ‘Franco-Mauritians have realised that their economic power is best served by staying away from…


anthro in the news 6/8/15

anthropologyworks , June 7th, 2015

Porn-driven female genital esthetics The Globe and Mail reported on growing industry in women’s genital esthetics, illustrating its point with some details about genital-area waxing and skin t…