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When You Can’t Go Home Again #MeadCompetition

Christopher Woodson , February 8th, 2017

A cold, wet, arctic wind graces the concrete skin of the Tenderloin. Pill Hill, the three-block stretch of inner city urbanity, along Leavenworth Avenue and between Turk and…


From the Ivory Tower to Open Classrooms to #ModernDayMargaretMeads

Meghan Burchell , February 3rd, 2017

Empowering the Next Generation of Digital, Public Anthropologists In Yorkshire, England with a backdrop of bleating sheep and patchwork fields, archaeologists-in-training investigate, explore, and exp…


Illogical Objects and What they Tell Us #MeadCompetition

Robyn Eversole , February 2nd, 2017

Most objects in our households have a purpose. They clothe, seat, feed or transport us. Some object do extra duty; they communicate something about us that we want…