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Navigating Lockdown: What Studying Vipassana Mediation Taught Me About Surviving Melbourne’s Intense Lockdown

The Familiar Strange , November 22nd, 2020

While last year I was busy being quite the adventurous backpacker, this year my biggest achievement has been to walk beyond the well-worn path between my bedroom and…

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Cosmic Interbeing

Michael Oman-Reagan , June 24th, 2020

Summer, Eastern Oregon Do you think about space as someplace out there? As something in the future, somewhere you will never go? One of the most amazing things about…

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How to Start a Meditation Practice

Chelsea Horton , June 19th, 2020

I came to meditation because my brain is always running. The part of an academic’s job that requires me to think and theorize sometimes grows much larger than the…

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Listening to/with Technology: Meditation Apps as the New Voice of Mental Health

Rebecca Jablonsky , June 4th, 2019

Shortly after giving birth to her son, Jessica[1] began to experience a health problem that she describes simply as “pain everywhere.” About one month after we initially met…


Esoterik und alternative Spiritualität von A bis Z

Christoph Wagenseil , September 23rd, 2017

Auf einer vergangenen Tagung der Religionswissenschaft wurde die Zusammenstellung “Religion und Vorurteil von A-Z” besonders gelobt. Daher soll folgende neue Zusammenstellung zu “Esoterik und alterna…