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Back into the (digital) armchair? A feminist approach to building research relations in a postcolonial setting

digitalethnography , May 4th, 2022

Syntia Hasenöhrl* (Virtually) being in Bamako over time. Images by Syntia Hasenöhrl. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many scholars had to transfer their research into the…

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Too Fat to Be an Anthropologist

Alex D'Aloia , October 24th, 2021

In what now feels like a lifetime ago, I was having one last catch up with a mate from my PhD cohort before we both set off for…

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West African Migration: The Dangers of a Single Story

Alice Hertzog , October 19th, 2021

“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”  Chimamanda Ngozi…


Aurora Donzelli on her book, Method of Desire

| , October 11th, 2021

interview by Setrag Manoukian https://uhpress.hawaii.edu/title/methods-of-desire-language-morality-and-affect-in-neoliberal-indonesia/ Setrag Manoukian: It is reductive to assign a narrow t…

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Writing Life No. 15: An Interview with Kalindi Vora by Alberto Morales

Alberto Morales , June 24th, 2021

Kalindi’s laptop sits inside her car, which serves as a writing space sometimes. The last time I spoke to Kalindi in person was at the Society for the…


Nathan Wendte takes the page 99 test

| , May 17th, 2021

I was intrigued to hear about the “page 99 test,” according to which, the quality of a dissertation can be judged on the content of page 99. As…

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What is Business Anthropology?

Pablo Mondragón Valero , February 25th, 2021

What is business anthropology? Business anthropology is the discipline that applies the theories and methodologies of social anthropology in the investigation of (or for) organizations and their ecosy…

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Smartphones “In-Between” or: What Do Smartphones Have in Common With Doors?*

digitalethnography , December 22nd, 2020

Suzana Jovicic Credits: Thomas Sobottka It is Friday night in a youth centre on the outskirts of Vienna; the lights are dim, and loud local Rap music is…

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Podcast: A Possible Anthropology with Anand Pandian

Ian M. Cook , December 10th, 2020

Anand Pandian speaks to Allegra editor Ian M. Cook about his latest book A Possible Anthropology: Methods for Uneasy Times (Duke, 2019). Special guests Penelope Papailias and Laura…


Collaborative Ethnography in the Digital Age: Towards a New Methodological Framework*

digitalethnography , November 13th, 2020

Monika Palmberger & Philipp Budka Digital ethnography has become a very vibrant research field, as the growing body of literature indicates (e.g. Hjorth et al., 2017; Pink et…

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Panel “Digital Ethnography: Revisiting Theoretical Concepts & Methodological Approaches”

philbu , August 4th, 2020

Panel “Digital Ethnography: Revisiting Theoretical Concepts & Methodological Approaches” @ Vienna Anthropology Days 2020 (VANDA2020, Sept. 28 – Oct. 1), convened by Philipp Budk…

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UXPressia: our research ally

Gabriel Santiago Jurado Gonzalez , February 6th, 2020

UXpressia is an online tool that helps you create great User Personas and Experience maps. The platform provides a large number of templates with explanations and case studies…

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Angela Reyes and Stanton Wortham talk about their new book

| , December 23rd, 2019

https://www.routledge.com/Discourse-Analysis-beyond-the-Speech-Event-1st-Edition/Wortham-Reyes/p/book/9780415839501 Interview by Alex McGrath Alex McGrath: Your book very concisely addresses an issue…

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Ethnography and the Internet – what´s next?

Marek Tobota , December 11th, 2019

The Internet has been attracting researchers’ attention for long. As a relatively new territory, it presents a methodological challenge. For anthropologists as well. On the one hand, it…

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The value of anthropology in Design Thinking

Verónica Reyero , October 9th, 2019

It seems like everybody is talking about Design Thinking these days. In case you havent, design thinking is a methodology that has become very popular in contexts of…

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Herve Varenne on his new book, Educating in Life

| , October 7th, 2019

https://www.routledge.com/Educating-in-Life-Educational-Theory-and-the-Emergence-of-New-Normals/Varenne/p/book/9781138313668 Ilana Gershon:  This book contains a wide range of ethnographic topics – h…

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Ep. #47: Meaningful Declutter, Local Activism, Managing Fire & Writing Up: This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , September 29th, 2019

Firstly, we’d like to introduce you all to Alex D’Aloia, who is managing our Facebook group TFS Chats – you might remember the blog post that he wrote…

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The emotions count! Employee experience from the applied anthropology lens

Petra Smutná , August 13th, 2019

In every company, there are many social interactions happening every day that impact the company´s performance. Interactions between employees, and/or between employees and their employers, and betwee…

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#REVIEW: An Anthropology of Nothing in Particular

Michael Ulfstjerne , July 17th, 2019

Do the efforts to avoid meaningful action among young Nihilists in an undisclosed location make sense in a time where everything seems to be saturated with purpose? Does…


The Messiness of Ethnography

Leonore Phillips , July 2nd, 2019

Damien Newman created “the squiggle” to convey the messiness of the design process.(CC by 2.0)   Leaving academia forced me to think more deeply and critically about ethnography…


Business Anthropology: From the Trobriands to enterprises

Gabriel Santiago Jurado Gonzalez , April 15th, 2019

Soon after I had established myself in Omarakana (Trobriand Islands), I began to take part, in a way, in the village life, to look forward to the important…

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Ep. #31: Field ties, clear truth, cringy rap & liminal states: This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , February 17th, 2019

In this panel, we welcome Shamim to the Familiar Strange podcast. Shamim is working with Dee on a TFS video project that they hope will be released later…

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#EVENTS: Temporalities, global movement and more

Allegra , January 11th, 2019

New year, new events! The start of a new year makes us strangely aware of the passing of time – so don’t forget to send a proposal for…


System, Space and Ecobiopolitics: A Conversation with Valerie Olson About “Into the Extreme”

Peter Taber , August 14th, 2018

  [This week we present excerpts of an interview with Valerie Olson conducted by Lisa Messeri focused on Olson’s new book, Into the Extreme (U Minnesota P, 2018)….