Tag: micro fiction

“42 steps.” SMS poetry from the school corridor

csabaracs , July 17th, 2015

In October 2014 I joined a school project that was about emphasizing the importance of poetry. Different student groups undertook the opportunity to reinterpret traditional poems via videos…


Three! (anthro-po-etry)

csabaracs , June 27th, 2015

100 words I stood on the edge of the square… a lot of strangers were there… I heard the echos of their grey talking about the weather… You…


The moment after anticipation #2

csabaracs , June 24th, 2015

(*This paper is part of a larger place mapping project.) The least preferred places in Riga tended to be mentioned by teens where they had concerns about their…



csabaracs , May 11th, 2015

In Zasulauks neighborhood In Lady Baiba’s living room a flimsy photo hangs on the wall of a large companion on Candera street. She never misses the chance to…


From a. to A.

csabaracs , May 1st, 2015

Introduction I would love telling tales from the city where the city served as a powerful stage for the different characters like in James Joyce’s ”Dubliners”. The city…