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The politics of Amphibiosis: the war against viruses will not take place by Charlotte Brives

Charlotte Brives , April 19th, 2020

“We are at war.” This was Emmanuel Macron’s chosen refrain when he addressed the French nation about the current COVID-19 pandemic. He is certainly not the first to…


What Bacterial Cultures Reveal About Ours

Virginia Gewin , February 6th, 2020

Herder Dalaimyagmar and her husband, Byambaa, demonstrate how to press whey from curds in creating aaruul, a staple dairy product in Mongolia. Heirloom Microbes Project. In the remote…


Multi-species and non-Human Centered Anthropology: Conversations Revisited

Gamwell , November 2nd, 2016

Join us for another listen of TAL Conversations favorites on Multi-species and Non-Human Centered Anthropology. Originally aired December 2013, with a follow-up conversation coming soon! Do you have…

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