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Gifting Water in a Climate-Impacted Megacity

Nazli Ozkan , July 27th, 2020

One hot summer afternoon in Ezbet Khariallah in June of 2018, I take a long slow drink out of an olla-style charitable water fountain, or sabil. The water…

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Relationship-Making, Scaffolding, and a Pandemic in Istanbul

Nazli Ozkan , June 11th, 2020

This piece was going to be mainly about relation-making as a method that facilitated my fieldwork, which in turn formed the backbone of my article, “Behind the Scaffolding.”…

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Teaching Literature on the Arabian Peninsula

Beth Derderian , October 7th, 2019

Even after 15 years of teaching literature on the Arabian Peninsula, I still worry about finding the right texts for my students. They are majoring in English language,…

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Anthropological Irony

Whitney Carter , January 8th, 2016

Cultural Relativism and the Destruction of Cultural Artifacts by the Islamic State Nimrud Assyria, Lamassus Guarding Palace Entrance, Before Destruction. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons. Cultural rel…

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