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Maria Gunko: Violent faces of the Russian state

focaal_admin , October 21st, 2022

 “Our whole state manifested itself in [Verkhniy] Lars, in a concentrated form: violence, mess, corruption, and indifference” – told me Vadim, who left Russia through Georgia shortly after…


Declaring Crime to be a Public Health Emergency: Trinidad & Tobago Out Front

Maximilian C. Forte , July 22nd, 2022

When it should be that the declaration of a public health emergency is itself the crime. “There are efforts being made to ensure that countries respond in the…


Antonio De Lauri: The idea of a clean and efficient war is a dangerous lie

focaal_admin , April 18th, 2022

The war in Ukraine resuscitated a certain dangerous fascination for war. Notions such as patriotism, democratic values, the right side of history, or a new fight for freedom…


David Harvey: Remarks on Recent Events in the Ukraine: An Interim Statement

focaal_admin , February 25th, 2022

Image 1: Young girl protesting the war in Ukraine, photo by Matti. David Harvey prepared this text for the 2022 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. We publish…


Harnessing Indeterminacy: The Technopolitics of Hydrocarbon Prospects

Zeynep Oguz , July 20th, 2021

A drillship in the sea. Resource: Unsplash. Amidst an international crisis sparked by the scandalous confessions of a mafia boss and a pollution and climate change-triggered marine disaster…


After a Year of Being Locked Down

Maximilian C. Forte , May 17th, 2021

Nobody (as far as I know) has commented on how hard this year of lockdowns has been on university professors. That’s good: nobody should. Many millions of workers…


In the Journals – Militarization

allisontedesco , April 6th, 2021

Officers wearing a traditional late 1960s uniform (left) and a new demilitarized uniform featuring a blazer (right), Riverside County Sheriff, 1969 by Stuart Schrader via Journal of Urban…


Roundtable: “COVID-19: Views from the Field”

Baird Campbell , May 21st, 2020

We’re wrapping up our five-part series, “COVID-19: Views from the Field,” with a pre-recorded roundtable. This roundtable brought our authors into conversation with each other, acros…


Suspension, Risk, Suspicion: Field dispatches from Pakistan under COVID-19

Sonia Qadir , April 30th, 2020

   اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں Click کریں Editor’s note: This post is the third in our five-part series “COVID-19: Views from the Field.” Click here to read…


Crisis Redux, Viral Uncertainty, and Militarized Care: Coronavirus in the Aftermath of Bolivia’s Uncertain Coup

Caitlyn Dye , April 23rd, 2020

Este contenido está disponible en español aquí. Editor’s note: This post is the second in our five-part series “COVID-19: Views from the Field.” Click here to read an…


The militarization of life under war, “post-conflict,” and the COVID-19 crisis

Diana Ojeda , April 7th, 2020

Overlapping experiences of confinement Like many others in Colombia, Nairys[1] is a campesina for whom the experience of confinement has been one of dramatic disruption. Marked by restricted…


In the Journals May, 2019

williamodum , May 30th, 2019

Welcome back to In the Journals, a brief look at just a few articles that have been published in previous months on policing, law, and governance. These readings…


American Exceptionalism, American Innocence

Maximilian C. Forte , May 13th, 2019

Review of American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News—from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror. By Roberto Sirvent and Danny Haiphong. Foreword…


WikiLeaks and Julian Assange: The Duty to Expose War Crimes

Maximilian C. Forte , April 30th, 2019

On Thursday, April 25, 2019, I had the honour of participating in two separate radio interviews concerning the case of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. The first was with…


The Speaking Fence

Annastiina Kallius , January 22nd, 2018

The technological sophistication on the fence includes different structures, automatic lights, speakers and cameras. From the official Facebook page of the Hungarian government. Retrieved from ht…

→Anthropology Now

Pacific Islanders will pay the price for Trump and Kim’s nuclear escalation

Rex , August 9th, 2017

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s war of words is threatening to become a real nuclear war as North Korea has announced that it is seriously considering attacking Guam….

→Savage Minds

Times of Security: Ethnographies of Fear, Protest and the Future

wirnita , May 26th, 2016

The editors of Anthropoliteia present to you the latest in our occasion series Interrogations, in which authors of recent volumes of interest to our readers discuss their work….


Review of a Film by Michael Moore: “Where to Invade Next” (2016)

Maximilian Forte , May 25th, 2016

Having seen almost all of Michael Moore’s films to date, I have no difficulty in applauding “Where to Invade Next” as his best film yet. I may have…


Half-Heads: A Dominant Force in US Politics

Maximilian Forte , April 30th, 2016

“Half-head”: this signifies a way of approaching problems that involves efficient thinking, where efficiency comes from an intensely selective focus. A half-headed approach could be a combination of…


Debating the End of the Human Terrain System, Part 2

Maximilian Forte , December 29th, 2015

US Army caption: “Fist bump–A group of local Afghan children bump fists with U.S. Army Soldiers assigned to the 1775th Military Police Company during a mission to Kuchi…


Debating the End of the Human Terrain System, Part 1

Maximilian Forte , December 29th, 2015

The US Army’s official caption: “Survey strategy–Human Terrain Analysis Team, Iraqi Police, and U.S. Soldiers with 354th Military Police Company in support of 1st Battalion, 68th Arm…


Bagram Santa

Maximilian Forte , December 24th, 2015

Easily lending themselves to multiple forms of misunderstanding, the Pentagon nevertheless regularly produces images of military personnel dressed as Santa Claus. This too is a pattern, minor in…


The Babysitter

Maximilian Forte , December 22nd, 2015

Big Chief, Big Daddy, Big Babysitter to the World If “winning hearts and minds” is at the top of your global campaign agenda for strategic communication, then you…


Bare Feet

Maximilian Forte , December 22nd, 2015

  Encoding Poverty, Backwardness, and Dependency in US Military Imagery Bare feet. Ever since I was a small child, I have been made aware of how not wearing…